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Certified Executive Coaches

Ken Ainsworth

Ken Ainsworth, MBA, MSc. Psych, CMC

For over 20 years Ken has worked as a Facilitator, Coach and Consultant focused on helping individuals and organizations pursue coordinated, organized change through learning. His expertise lies in three primary areas – the design and facilitation of organization development initiatives; the design and delivery of learning interventions; and individual and team coaching. For several years, Ken held the position of Lead Facilitator at the Niagara Institute, at which time he lead the design and development of the Landmark Leadership Program™. He is currently a Senior Associate and Executive Coach with the Niagara Institute.

Calvin Brown

Calvin Brown, Ph.D., C. Psych.

As an Organizational Psychologist, Calvin focuses on the identification and development of senior management and executive talent in large organizations in Canada and abroad. He has established himself as a trusted advisor in the development of individual and team effectiveness. Calvin’s training includes executive development at the Center for Creative Leadership and negotiation skills at Harvard Law School. He is a Senior Associate and Executive Coach with the Niagara Institute.

Rilla Clark

Rilla Clark, B.A., B.Ed, MSc.

Rilla is a highly skilled Facilitator and Executive Coach who has worked with a variety of organizations; moving people to new levels of understanding, skill and mutual gain. With 15 years of experience in the fields of business, counselling and education and an additional fifteen years of experience as a corporate leadership coach, she effectively challenges and supports individuals and teams toward co-created positive outcomes. As a Senior Associate with the Niagara Institute, Rilla specializes in working with high potential leaders to expand their leadership competencies and accelerate their development.

France Cloutier

France Cloutier, C.A., MSOD

With over 18 years of experience, France brings a practical approach to the application of leadership skills, change management principles and coaching. Working with individuals and teams, she encourages them to reach their goals and achieve success through coaching and performance and change management training programs. France has also managed ERP systems projects, facilitated team-building interventions, conducted organizational diagnosis and designed and facilitated processes to develop mission and vision statements. She is a bilingual Senior Associate and Executive Coach with Niagara Institute.

Valerie Davis

Valerie Davis, PhD

Valerie is a senior associate of the Niagara Institute who designs and delivers executive coaching and custom leadership development programs. With over 15 years of experience as an Executive Coach and leadership development professional, Valerie has consulted to organizations across all sectors including Fortune 500 companies, three levels of public service, federal agencies, NGOs and not-for-profit organizations. Valerie brings to her work extensive educational and professional experience. She has over 20 years as an executive with global high tech firms, holds a PhD in Human Development and is a Certified Professional Coach.

Nick Evans

Nick Evans, B.A., M.B.A.

With over 15 years experience as a business leader in Fortune 500 organizations, Nick understands how to link business vision and strategy with personal engagement and growth. As an Executive Coach and Facilitator, he combines his experience in change management, team building, organizational dynamics and business strategy to design high performance leadership programs. Nick is a Senior Associate with Niagara Institute.

Sharon Flanagan

Sharon Flanagan, B. Comm, CHRP, ACPC

For over 20 years, Sharon has worked as a business executive and team leader, including roles as a human resources generalist and an employment law specialist. In addition to this, she has more than 10 years of experience as a Facilitator and Coach. Sharon is known for her practical understanding of executive work-life realities, love of learning and helping others grow. She is a Senior Associate and Executive Coach with the Niagara Institute.

Lorne Hartman

Lorne Hartman, Ph.D.

With more than 30 years of experience, Lorne is a practitioner and researcher focused on human performance and organization effectiveness. He has partnered with leaders at all levels in business, government and education to help them implement change strategies successfully. As an Executive Coach with the Niagara Institute, Lorne combines his background and training as a psychologist with his knowledge and experience of organizational dynamics to facilitate behaviour change efforts, significantly improving leader performance.

Jenny Howe

Jenny Howe, B.Sc., M.A., ACPC

Jenny is a Facilitator, Executive Coach and Consultant with over 15 years of experience working with highly driven and successful business leaders. She supports her clients while challenging them to achieve their goals in areas such as transformational leadership, effective communication and resilience. Jenny works closely with her clients, building their leadership skills to impact their business in a positive way and achieve lasting results, both on professional and personal levels.

Michel Lemieux

Michel Lemieux, B.Comm

With more than 25 years of experience as a Manager and Consultant,
Michel specializes in interventions that enable individuals and teams to improve their effectiveness and reach their full potential. He focuses on organizational change, personal and professional development and team building. Michel is a Senior Associate and Executive Coach with the Niagara Institute.

Gregory McQueen

Gregory McQueen, Ph.D.

Greg leads and facilitates the development of innovative approaches to planning, marketing and new business development. He lectures in the fields of ethics, leadership and cognitive moral reasoning as it applies to leadership, decision-making and business management. Greg also provides consultation and services in the fields of executive leadership development, planning, re-organization, executive team building and corporate board development. He is an Executive Coach with the Niagara Institute. 

Helen Notzl

Helen Notzl, B.A., M.S.W.

Helen is a highly skilled Executive and Life Coach, Facilitator and Educator specializing in leadership development, team building, effective communication, goal setting, and change management. She is also a Structural Consultant, facilitating the achievement of strategic objectives aligned with individuals’ personal aspirations and values. Helen is an Adler Certified Professional Coach and an Executive Coach with the Niagara Institute.

Beverley Patwell

Beverley Patwell, B.A. M.A. CHRA

Beverley is an organizational development professional specializing in change management. As an Executive Coach with the Niagara Institute, she helps leaders manage and coach others as they work toward their desired objectives on an individual, team and organizational basis. She is the co-author of Triple Impact Coaching: Use of Self in the Coaching Process and has published a number of articles on leadership, coaching and developing high performance teams. Beverley is a member of the Association of Human Resource Professionals and Industrial Relations.

Gail Rappolt

Gail Rappolt, B.A., M.Ed.

Gail is an Educator and Consultant with over 25 years of experience in management and training specializing in change management, creative problem solving and individual coaching. She has developed and delivered training programs for a variety of levels of management and has designed assessment instruments for personnel and program evaluation. Her background as a leader and manager brings awareness of the complexities faced by her clients and coaching skills to help them find their own solutions. Gail is an Executive Coach with the Niagara Institute.

Palma Robinson

Palma Robinson, B.A., M.Ps

Palma is a Senior Executive Coach with the Niagara Institute and an Organizational Development Consultant with over 20 years of experience. Her strength lies in the ability to propose and facilitate personal change initiatives that empower individuals to make important choices, taking positive action in their lives as leaders. With in-depth knowledge and experience in leadership assessment, Palma provides customized feedback to senior executives.

Lydia Roy

Lydia Roy, B.A., B.Ed., MCC

Lydia is a successful Executive Coach, Business Development Consultant and Facilitator with over 20 years of leadership, business performance coaching, mentoring, career development and assessment experience in corporate and entrepreneurial settings. She has worked with CEOs and Executives in a broad range of industries including major financial institutions and health care organizations. She is also an entrepreneur who specializes in business development, helping small business owners grow their businesses successfully. Lydia is an Executive Coach with Niagara Institute.

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Associates are generally qualified either as an Executive Coach or Executive Education Facilitator. We are also interested in hearing from senior professionals who have demonstrated expertise and business experience in working with clients on strategic-level solutions in such areas as Leadership Strategy, Training and Development Strategy, Building Change Management Capability and Developing Internal Coaching Capacity.

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