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Design and Delivery Process

We’ve worked hard on a highly effective process for matching you, the client, with the right expert. We follow a structured yet flexible approach that allows us to assess your development needs and recommend a course of action.

Scoping Meeting

A preliminary meeting with the Niagara Institute’s Account Executive is held to understand your needs. Based on those needs, a Program Lead is assigned to your project.

Needs Assessment

A meeting with the Program Lead is held to conduct a more in-depth analysis of your requirements, and develop a proposal.

Proposal and Schedule

The proposal, including an overview of the program, recommended facilitators and/or coaches with biographies, delivery dates (if pre-determined) and pricing, is presented to you for review. The proposal is refined.

Statement of Work

A statement of work or a contract is drawn and accepted by both parties.


Key stakeholders from your organization, the Program Lead, and the Niagara Institute’s Account Manager work together on logistical requirements.

Program Delivery

The core program is delivered. Post-program development and support are initiated.

Measurement of Success and Next Steps

Review and compare program evaluations against identified needs and deliverables. Next steps are discussed with the Account Executive.

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