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Withdrawal, Rescheduling, and Substitution Policy

The Niagara Institute is committed to fully meeting the needs of all participants and the delivery of the highest-quality programs. To maximize participant learning, Niagara strictly controls class size and invests significant resources in pre-program preparation. For these reasons, the Niagara Institute utilises a fee schedule for the withdrawal or rescheduling from its programs, based on posted list prices.


Comprehensive Programs

Calendar Days
41-74 21-40 0-20
People Leadership Fundamentals  25% 50% 100%
Leadership Development Program (LDP) ®

Focused Skill Programs

Coaching for Everyday Impact 10%
Speaking as a Leader
Communication for the Senior Leader
Taking the Stage


Withdrawal from a program within two (2) business days of registration will result in no withdrawal, rescheduling, or substitution fees. Providing assessments have not been accessed.


Rescheduling of a program may result in reduced cancellation fees. Selection of an alternate program date must be made within two (2) weeks of withdrawal from the original program and the new program date selected must be within six (6) months of the original program date (twelve (12) months for Executive Leadership programs).


If you are unable to attend the program for which you are registered, some programs allow for a substitute participant from your organization to attend in your place. The withdrawal fee will be reduced accordingly.


In order to reduce and possibly avoid hotel charges, please notify the Niagara Institute of any changes or cancellations of accommodations and/or meals as soon as possible.