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Pre-Program Assessment—Complete a self-assessment

Day 1

Leading at Senior Levels—Articulate a clear vision that will shape what you say and do; Share your deeply held convictions so others are moved by them; Move from an informational approach to an inspirational one; Workshop:Leadership thinking.

Using the Leader's Script®—Articulate a core message that drives action; Structure your thinking clearly and persuasively; Use clear, precise and confident language that inspires; Apply The Leader's Script to unplanned and impromptu communications; Workshop:Creating a script.

Achieving Executive Presence— Use the right eye contact, vocal pace, expression, tone and body language; Workshop:Delivery and Presence.

Day 2

Mastering "Just Give Me the Big Picture"—Distilling longer documents to their essential ideas (e.g. PowerPoint presentations); Workshop:Distilling information.

Mastering Q&As— Techniques for handling Q&As; Workshop:Handling Q&As.

Leading at Senior Levels— Explore political intelligence and power dynamics in your organization; Be intentional when building relationships; Enhance your leadership brand; Workshop:Relationship and Brand Building.

®The Leader’s Script is a registered trademark of The Humphrey Group.


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