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Agenda at a Glance

Pre-Program Assessments—360-degree and self-assessments are completed. Individual telephone interviews are conducted by your assigned Executive Coach, with you and key colleagues.
Day 1 Executive Leadership—Executive Challenges; Your Leadership Style and Impact; Peer Councils; Executive Assessment Feedback; Coaching.
Day 2 Collaborative Leadership—Key Elements of Collaboration; Assessment Feedback; Decision Making Team Building dinner at a Niagara-on-the-Lake winery
Day 3 Leveraging Your Executive Team Skills—Assessment Feedback; Engaging Others and Emotional Intelligence
Day 4 Integration and Commitment to Change—Peer Council Coaching; Executive Coaching (one-to-one half-day session with an Executive Coach)
Day 5 Development Planning—Your Leadership Charter; Application; Peer Council: Planning for Return to the Workplace
Post-Program Coaching Sessions—Three follow-on coaching sessions with your Executive Coach


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Your Company Could be Eligible to Have 2/3 of Your Program Fee Paid by the Canada Job Grant

  • Have you recently had a change in your position?
  • Are you up for a promotion or have recently been promoted?
  • Are you a new hire?

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