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Leadership Development Program Agenda


Pre-Program Assessments — 360-degree and self-assessments are completed by you and selected colleagues.  Learning objectives interview.
Day 1 Leading from the Mid to Senior Levels — The realities of leaders leading other leaders: Critical leadership skills required to lead from the middle of the organization. Comprehensive data on your leadership style and its impact.
Day 2 Leading through Collaboration — Working with and through peers to coordinate and align the strategies of the organization; Effectively communicate and influence peers when collaborating.
Day 3 Leading within a System — The leader's responsibility for leading up, across, down, and outside the organization; Engage in a highly interactive experience that simulates the complexities and challenges of that environment; Work with a coach in a small group to assess the effectiveness of your leadership during this activity.
Day 4 Integrating Leadership—Intensive one-to-one session with your coach to review and integrate your assessment data and other sources of feedback received throughout the program. Develop goals and identify strategies to implement them. Participate in a process of giving and receiving feedback with peers at the program.
Day 5 Transferring the Learning—Refine goals and development plans to take the learning back to your organization. Revisit the challenges of leading from the middle and consult with program peers and facilitators on your goals and specific plans of action.
Post-Program Support and Application—Engage with your coach through two 45 minute telephone coaching sessions.

Assessment—Follow-up 360-degree assessment for further development.

Coaching Sessions—Extended follow-on coaching sessions available.


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