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Public Programs by Name

Available for individual or team registration, Niagara Institute programs build skills in areas essential to strong leadership.

Comprehensive Leadership Programs provide comprehensive learning experiences building strength in areas identified as critical to effective leadership at an organizational level.

Specialized Skill Development Programs focus on strengthening a specific leadership skill.

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COVID-19 and Our Programs

Comprehensive Programs

People Leadership Fundamentals

People Leadership Fundamentals

A program designed for new, emerging, or aspiring leaders who are striving to become more effective people leaders.

Specialized Skill Development Programs

Speaking as a Leader

Speaking as a Leader® 2

Strengthen your ability to inspire and influence others every time you speak.

Communication for the Senior Leader

Communication for the Senior Leader® 2

Learn the fundamentals of communicating as a senior leader.

Taking the Stage

Taking the Stage® 2

For women leaders—take the leadership stage and speak with confidence, assertiveness, and influential leadership presence.

Coaching for Everyday Impact

Coaching for Everyday Impact

Drive better performance from yourself and others by developing a coach approach to leadership.


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