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Professional Development Institute

The Conference Board of Canada's premier education destination delivering first class learning opportunities such as courses and workshops for business and government professionals to develop new skills, improve their job performance, and advance their careers.  

In partnership with the Conference Board, we are pleased to sponsor a number of one-day workshops focusing on leadership skills that complement our comprehensive and skills development public and custom programs.  

Building High Performance Teams

This one day workshop is ideal for team members from a single organization or individuals who want to learn and take away a proven process and tools for developing highly effective teams. It is appropriate for anyone who is in a position of leading a team whether it be a team of direct reports, a project team, or an executive team. In attending you will build a greater sense of team commitment, accountability and performance.

Dates and Locations 


November 29 Toronto For more information or to register

Influential Communication Essentials

This highly interactive workshop will show you how to communicate with clarity and intent. You will receive practical tools and guidance that you can implement immediately. You will learn to organize your thoughts in a logical manner, craft key messages that tell your audience what’s most important and use your physical and vocal presence to keep your audience engaged.

Dates and Locations 


October 19 Calgary  More information/Register 

Leveraging Tension for Leadership Success

Leaders are often in a tug-of-war, facing countless conflicting demands such as planning vs. action, competition vs. collaboration, change vs. stability, and work vs. home. Wrestling these competing values and tackling chronic issues can move a team from surviving to thriving. A powerful way to make this happen is through utilizing a set of principles and tools called Polarity Thinking™.  Leveraging Tension for Leadership Success will show you how to understand and succeed in mastering complex problems by tapping into the power of healthy tension.   

Dates and Locations


October 12  Toronto  More information/Register 
October 19  Ottawa  More information/Register 


Tim Arnold, program designer and facilitator explains polarity management and it's impact on success.

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Mindful Leadership Fundamentals

Mindfulness is the skill of being present and aware. Mindful Leadership Fundamentals trains you to sustain high performance and be resilient, regardless of circumstance. The skills developed in this program will enhance your ability to lead successful meetings, speak and listen mindfully, successfully negotiate deals, improve time management and team effectiveness, and improve judgment and decision-making.

This workshop is part of the Mindful Leadership Series with Mastering Mindful Leadership and Mindful Governance.

Dates and Locations 


October 5 Toronto  More information/Register

Mastering Mindful Leadership

In this one-day workshop, you will explore nine ways to become a Mindful Leader, and apply these techniques to real life leadership situations. This workshop is highly experiential and primarily case-based, with situations that resemble real leadership scenarios you may encounter within your organization. This focus on practice and experience allows you the ability to utilize the lessons learned immediately after completing the course.

This workshop is part of the Mindful Leadership Series with Mindful Leadership Fundamentals and Mindful Governance.

Dates and Locations 


November 2 Toronto  More information/Register

Presenting as a Leader®

Presenting as a Leader builds the fundamental skills required to deliver persuasive and compelling presentations. This one-day workshop provides you with the tools and insights to influence your audience at every opportunity by connecting centered content to confident delivery.

Dates and Locations 


October 3  Toronto  More information/Register
October 5  Ottawa  More information/Register 

Strategic Agility

Strategic Agility introduces and defines the concept of agile learning leadership and its relationship to having a strategic mindset—making decisions now in a timely manner that will lead the organization toward its future objectives. Growing your leaders’ willingness and capability to look, plan and move into the future with clear intentions and purposeful actions.

Dates and Locations 


October 17 Toronto  More information/Register
November 1  Ottawa  More information/Register 

Train the Brain for Leadership Success

This one-day workshop is a significant advance in leadership development - presenting some of the latest findings from neuroscience in a dynamic and practical manner that will help challenge how you manage and lead others and how you and your team make important business decisions.

Train the Brain for Leadership Success presents you with important knowledge of the brain that will help you and your teams make better use of your brains to improve collaboration, break existing restrictive paradigms and think in greater breadth and depth. 

“Brain science has made major advances in the past decade. While we have studied human decision biases and other aspects of human decision-making for years, we are learning not just to account for the patterns that exist, but move forward to understanding how we can improve individual performance by "training the brain". We can improve the quality of our decision-making, creativity and ability to innovate. This conference will provide you with some appropriate insights."

Daniel Muzyka President and Chief Executive Officer, The Conference Board of Canada

Dates and Locations 

October 19 Toronto More information/Register
October 26  Ottawa  More information/Register 

Robert Paris, program designer and facilitator talks about the Train the Brain workshop and it's impact on innovation and employee engagement.


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