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Success is not about repeating what works. It's about finding a better way.

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Train the Brain for
Leadership Success

The Niagara Institute Partnership with
Myelin Leadership International (Robert Paris) 

NeuroScience is making significant contributions to the business world and how we manage and lead others. The ability to harness your team's brain power as a resource is potentially the optimal route to develop long-term, sustainable competitive advantage for your organization.

This one day workshop presents participants with some of the latest findings from NeuroScience, coupled with important knowledge of how the brain works, that can be used to collaborate more effectively and make better decisions. Participants will gain a better understanding of the social and emotional sides of the brain, and how they can be harnessed in business. You'll walk through the concepts of motivation, trust, stress, and vulnerability to learn how to positively impact your team work.

Time will also be spent learning how the brain processes innovation and change and how this process can be focused to encourage positive outcomes.

Program Details



This program is ideal for leaders of:

  • Self
  • Teams
  • Departments
  • Divisions
  • Organizations

When you attend, you will:

  • Learn how to apply the principles of Neuroscience to improve your management capabilities
  • Better understand how to change ingrained habits and grow as a leader
  • Improve your performance as a coach, team leader and innovator
  • Develop the ability to think in greater breadth and depth
  • Learn an effective method for building trust

This program has been designed and is delivered by Robert Paris (Myelin Leadership International), a lecturer at the McGill Centre for Continuing Education and the John Molson School of Business Executive Center with an Honours MBA from the University of Toronto and a Certificate in the Foundations of Neuroleadership. Robert also designed and facilitated the original global leadership training program for the renowned Cirque du Soleil and has written manuals on leadership, coaching, thinking skills and marketing planning.


Program fee: $995

Email: for more information.

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Please note: Dates and locations are subject to change.

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