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Leadership is not having control over people. It's unlocking their potential.

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Specialized Skills Development Programs

Hone your leadership skills with one- to two-day Specialized Skills Development courses. These hands-on courses are suited for leaders at any level looking to strengthen their communication skills, increase their confidence level and have a greater impact on their organization.

Our Courses


Coaching for Everyday Impact

Drive better performance from yourself and others by developing a coach approach to leadership.


Taking the Stage®

For women leaders-take the leadership stage and speak with confidence, assertiveness, and influential leadership presence.


Communication for the Senior Leader®

Learn the fundamentals of communicating as a senior leader.


Speaking as a Leader®

Strengthen your ability to inspire and influence others every time you speak.

Other Programs


The Leadership Development Program®

Strengthen your ability to lead from the mid to senior levels of an organization.



Participate remotely in our live webinars.



Where Leaders Come to Grow
Our graduates quickly build the insights, skills, and capacity to enhance their impact; their organizations benefit from the clarity, energy, and creativity they bring to achieving long-term results.

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