Leveraging Team Strengths

A Talent-Focused Approach to Leading Teams


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High-performing teams do not happen by chance. They are led by leaders who are intentional about creating an inclusive team culture where collaboration is the norm, who are focused on the goal, and know the only way they will accomplish the mission at hand is by acknowledging, appreciating, and leveraging the unique talents and strengths each individual brings to the table.

In the foundational leadership program, Leveraging Team Strengths, you will work alongside your peers as you make the shift towards a talent-focused approach to team culture. Leaving the program, you will see yourself and your team members through a new lens and have the tools to inspire your very own high-performing team.

This program was designed by two people; one who led a naval submarine and its diverse crew, the other who spent years leading organizations in the boardroom. These experiences are what make Leveraging Team Strengths highly-interactive and relevant.


Ideal For

Whether you are preparing to move into a leadership role, have been promoted recently into leadership, or have been a people leader for many years, Leveraging Team Strengths is for leaders who want tangible tools they can use to create a high-performing team by focusing on every member's strengths, talents, and contributions.

Key Takeaways

While we know you will complete this program feeling inspired, we'll do you one better. This program will leave you immediately equipped and confidently able to:


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Apply a powerful methodology for leading teams

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Develop a team culture that appreciates and leverages every team members talents

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Appreciate the power of an interdependent, collaborative approach to teaming and mission


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See yourself and others differently by focusing on strengths and contributions

What To Expect

This isn't your ordinary learning experience. Leveraging Team Strengths is built on a patented published model that equips leaders with the tangible skills and tools needed to take transformative actions immediately.

The program itself is highly interactive with one-third being instructor lead, one-third being individual and small group interactions, and one-third being class-wide discussion. On top of this, pre-work and post-training reinforcement are available and encouraged to further build confidence and competence.

This program can be taken alone or as part of the comprehensive leadership program, Leadership Through the Lens of Inclusion

The Details


$1,195 Per Participant

Time Investment

One 3 hour live session, plus pre-work and post-training self-guided learning


This program is 100% online

Reviews From Your Peers

"Simply the best training, the most practical, relevant, and effective training I have ever been part of."
"It was both insightful and revealing. It brought two seemingly disparate and unrelated environments together: the close confines of a submarine juxtaposed against the similarly close quarters of the business boardroom."
"It makes it clear that we should be creating an atmosphere of inclusion and treating our biggest investment, human capital, with respect. The contrasts between the Navy and organizations show a clear gap in the way inclusion should be done."

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Tuesday, April 6 at 11:30 AM ET 


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Program Partner

Founded in 2008, the Submarine Way has created a methodology, system, and process for training leaders on equity and inclusion unique enough to have a published patent issued. They also offer consulting, speaking, and coaching to drive better workplaces, communities, police departments, and colleges. To date, they have more than 100 partners, 100,000 past participants, and two published books.


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