Emily May

101 One-On-One Meeting Questions for Bosses and Employees

6 min read

101 One-On-One Meeting Questions for Bosses and Employees

Whether you’re an employee attending a one-on-one meeting or a leader hosting a one-on-one meeting, everyone wants to make that time spent as...

Communication Skills Courses

3 min read

Communication Skills Courses: 20+ Questions to Ask Before You Buy

There is no shortage of communication courses available to those whose goal is to improve their communication skills. In a Google search that takes...

Weekly Team Meeting

4 min read

How To Take Your Weekly Team Meetings to the Next Level

Weekly team meetings are a staple in the lives of many teams in the workplace. The purpose is to help ensure the team remains connected to each...

Good Managers Meeting Together

5 min read

Are You a Good People Manager?

You likely had one of two goals when you stepped into people management. You either wanted to be a better people manager than your worst boss or even...

Performance Improvement Plan

3 min read

A Brief Guide to Writing a Performance Improvement Plan (+Template)

When an individual’s performance at work isn’t up to expectation, it negatively affects not only them but their teammates, their internal and...

Psychological Safety At Work

5 min read

25+ Psychological Safety at Work Stats (2023)

Psychological safety isn’t just another throwaway, corporate buzzword. Psychological safety at work is something that influences the employee...

Leader Talking About Job Enrichment With Employee

3 min read

Is Job Enrichment the Answer to Lacking Employee Motivation?

“Forget praise. Forget punishment. Forget cash. You need to make their jobs more interesting.” This type of statement is one that you could easily...

Professional Creating Leadership Development Plan Using Template

3 min read

How to Create a Leadership Development Plan (+Template)

The beloved Brazilian soccer icon, Pelé, once said, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most...

Leadership Training Examples

5 min read

11 Leadership Training Examples Worth Investing In

Leadership training is a two-way street. Not only do organizations need to be willing to invest time and money into training their leaders, but...

1:1 Meeting Checklist

3 min read

1:1 Meeting Checklist: What To Do Before, During, and After

In a recent study about 1:1 meetings, 250 direct reports were asked to rate their experience. Nearly half rated it as suboptimal. According to...

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