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Founded in 1971, The Niagara Institute is dedicated to providing highly relevant learning experiences to the everyday leader. With a network of leading content partners and topics spanning from leadership, communication, diversity and inclusion, and business acumen, the Institute is able to provide high potentials, people managers, seasoned leaders, and human resources teams the content they need when they need it, anywhere in the world. In addition to training programs, the Niagara Institute offers coaching services, assessments, advisory services, and custom training programs. To learn more about the Niagara Institute, visit or email


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Niagara Pink

HEX: #FF41B2
RGB: 255, 65, 178
HSL: 324, 75%, 63%

Niagara Orange

HEX: #FF8E42
RGB: 255, 142, 66
HSL: 24, 74%, 63%

Niagara Red

HEX: #FF4643
RGB: 255, 70, 67
HSL: 1, 74%, 63%

Niagara Blue

HEX: #06324B
RGB: 6, 50, 75
HSL: 202, 92%, 16%