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Goal Setting

Short and Long-Term Career Goals

4 min read

101 Short and Long-Term Career Goals Examples for You to Steal

You can’t afford to take a passive approach to your career. In fact, you need to be in the driver’s seat of it. You should be one in control,...

Leader Assigning Employees Stretch Goals

3 min read

Should You Give Employees Stretch Goals? Here’s What the Research Says

Jack Welch once said, “Set stretch goals. Don’t settle for mediocrity. The key to stretch goals is to reach for more than you think is possible....

Person Using Free Printable PDF SMART Goals Template in the Workplace

3 min read

The Only SMART Goals Template You’ll Ever Need

Setting goals in the workplace is never as straightforward as we think it will be or would like it to be. This is especially true for those in the...

The Importance of Realistic Goals

3 min read

Why Is It Important to Set Realistic Goals?

Professional goals should give you something to work towards and look forward to. They provide a sense of purpose, ownership, and pride when they're...

The Number 1 Reason Employee Goals Fall Flat

4 min read

The Number 1 Reason Employee Goals Fall Flat

Why do employee goals fall flat? Many people leaders find themselves questioning why hours are spent creating professional goals only to be forgotten...

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