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Niagara Institute offers a multitude of ready-to-go training programs for teams. Here are the most popular team programs right now.

Leadership Fundamentals

Get tangible tools you can use to enhance your own leadership and the performance of your people.

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Leadership Fundamentals from Niagara Institute

Advanced Leadership Development

Take your leadership to the next level by improving your self-awareness and shaping a clear vision for yourself as a leader.

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Advanced Leadership Development from Niagara Institute

Speaking as a Leader

Develop your skills and abilities so you can confidently communicate in a way that inspires action every time you speak.

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Speaking as a Leader from Niagara Institute

Customization Capabilities

With our network of content partners, we'll work alongside you to create a customized solution that consists of the ideal mix of assessments, virtual instructor-led sessions that can be delivered in multiple languages, engaging experiential activities, and coaching to ensure your goals are achieved.

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Training Topics

Whether your goal lies in developing your leaders, improving communication, creating an inclusive environment, or promoting collaboration, you're in good hands with Niagara Institute's network of content partners and 50-year track record of success. Discover the training solution that best fits your team development goals.

Leadership Development

Strengthen your team's leadership skills with a comprehensive leadership development program or a program focused on a single leadership competency.

Leadership Development from Niagara Institute

Communication Skills

Turn your team into professional, clear, and confident communicators with communication and presentation skills training.

Communication Skills Training from Niagara Institute

Business and Financial Acumen

Equip your team with the skills and knowledge to see the big picture and understand the company's interconnectivity with business and financial acumen training.

Business and Financial Acumen Training from Niagara Institute

General Competency Development

Focus on either a single competency or a group of competencies that your team needs to succeed, such as problem-solving or time management.

Competency Development Training from Niagara Institute

Company Events

Boost your team's effectiveness and equip them with the skills they need to collaborate whether in-person or virtually with team-building training.

Team Building from Niagara Institute

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Teach your team how to recognize unconscious biases, communicate as an ally, and more with diversity, equity, and inclusion training.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Training from Niagara Institute

Safety and Compliance

Embed a commitment to safety in your leaders and/or employees with safety and compliance training.

Safety and Compliance Training from Niagara Institute

Corporate Culture

Create a positive culture with a training solution tailored to your unique needs and desired culture.

Corporate Culture Solutions from Niagara Institute

Sales Effectiveness

Equip your salespeople and sales leaders with the skills they need to succeed at every stage of the sales funnel with sales effectiveness training.

Sales Effectiveness Training from Niagara Institute

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