Mini-MBA: Business Essentials

An Intensive Program Focused on the Core Disciplines of Business to Accelerate Your Career

Program Overview

No matter if you’re in the public or private sector, having a big-picture view of how business really works is critical for advancing your career and preparing you to take on your next challenge.

Structured for busy professionals, this program is spread over a concise five weeks to increase your confidence in all areas of business. It covers all the key business fundamentals you would expect from an MBA program, enabling you to increase your business acumen without having to commit to a full-time MBA program.

Led in partnership with the award-winning faculty at Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia, you will gain the knowledge and skills in strategy, financial acumen, operations, strategic HR, and marketing. In addition to the foundations of business, the curriculum is curated to address current business trends and emerging areas in innovation, data analytics, and project management. You'll leave with valuable insights to see how decisions interconnect across an organization and how strategic integration between functions can drive organizational success.


$5,195/per participant


11 x 4-hour live online sessions, plus self-paced learning components


This program is 100% online

Who Should Attend

Ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs across all industries and sectors who seek to accelerate their careers and organizations by obtaining a holistic understanding of business should attend this program. Mini-MBA is ideal for anyone who wanted to pursue a formal program of business study but never had the opportunity to do so.

What to Expect

We understand you have a busy schedule and that’s why the Mini-MBA is designed the way it is. It’s a fast-paced program that maximizes your time investment by combining self-paced learning with live virtual sessions where you will learn from your peers and the faculty.

Self-paced learning draws from the carefully selected faculty-directed materials which include readings, case studies, and assignments that provide you with the foundational knowledge you need before joining your peers in the virtual classroom.

While live online sessions bring learning to life as you apply what you’ve learned in the self-guided modules and gain confidence as you test your new skills. You’ll amplify your knowledge in the live session by gaining new ideas and strategies from your peers and faculty. You’ll challenge your assumptions and gain a deeper understanding through class discussion, Q&As, and peer-group collaboration. In addition, you’ll grow your personal network of fellow professionals as you work together and learn from each other.


In order to get a big-picture view of how business really works, the Mini-MBA program covers the following topics. 

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Finance and Accounting

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Strategic HR

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Data Analytics

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Project Management

Key Takeaways

While we know you will complete this program feeling inspired, we'll do you one better. This program will leave you immediately equipped and confidently able to:

  • Understand and apply the key components of business

  • Recognize the connections between functional areas so you can analyze the business from all angles and make better decisions

  • Keep pace in today's increasingly complex environment

  • Deliver greater value to your organization and in turn, drive your career forward

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Program Partner

The UBC Sauder School of Business is a Canadian academic business school with more than 2,700 students in Bachelors, Masters and PhD programs, and boasts over 40,000 alumni in 80 countries. Located in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia, the school draws from the internationalism of the city to provide a global business perspective.