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At its heart, performance management is meant to help employees and leaders "define, monitor and optimize outcomes necessary to achieve organizational goals and objectives." That's something we can all agree is important in any workplace.

Yet, one thing we know for sure is that the traditional approach to performance management isn't working for most people. Not only do just 14% of employees strongly agree that their performance reviews inspire them to improve (Gallup), but 95% of managers also report that they are dissatisfied with their performance management system (Qualtrics). Meanwhile, a Gartner study found that 82% of HR leaders say their performance management process is not meeting its primary goals only and only 38% feel it keeps up with the needs of the business. 

So, if we know that performance management is important and feel that what worked in the past isn't working today, then the obvious answer is to rethink our tactics and change our approach. Even if you aren't in a position to make large-scale systematic changes to your organization's performance management process, you are absolutely capable of making make small, incremental changes to your personal approach that over time add up and positively impact your employee's engagement with their job and satisfaction at your organization.


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