Niagara Institute Announces Acquisition


A Reimagined Approach to Management and Leadership Development

Toronto, Ontario - January 14, 2021 -The Niagara Group Inc. announces the acquisition of the Niagara Institute, the leadership development division of The Conference Board of Canada. Today marks the relaunch of the Institute as a provider of management and leadership training, as well as one-to-one coaching focused on the everyday leader.

With a proud 50 year history of providing exceptional training and development to individuals and organizations, the reimagined Niagara Institute will build on that history while advancing the learning opportunities that reflect both the skills needed to excel today and new digital ways of learning.

Of the company’s recent acquisition, Niagara Institute’s Chairman Bart Egnal said, “I am thrilled that we can bring the Niagara Institute back to life. It has a long history of providing training that has made a meaningful impact on the careers of thousands of professionals. I appreciate the trust of the Conference Board has shown in allowing us to relaunch this iconic organization so it can continue to provide relevant, practical training.”

To meet the needs of the everyday leader, Niagara Institute will partner with leading training organizations and thought leaders who have expertise and content on leadership, communication, diversity and inclusion, sales, and business management. Gavin Brown, Executive Director at Niagara Institute said, “After meticulously selecting partners best suited for the reimagined Niagara Institute, we are proud to offer accessible and meaningful development opportunities. We’ve built an agile approach that allows us to provide everyday leaders and organizations the latest and the best in leadership development.”

The new launch already offers one-to-one coaching and a variety of relevant programs covering leadership, communication, business acumen, and diversity and inclusion designed to accelerate careers and help organizations thrive. You can learn more at

About the Niagara Institute

Founded in 1971, The Niagara Institute is dedicated to providing highly relevant learning experiences to the everyday leader. With a network of leading content partners and topics spanning from leadership, communication, diversity and inclusion, and business acumen, the Institute is able to provide high potentials, people managers, seasoned leaders, and human resources teams the content they need when they need it, anywhere in the world. In addition to training programs, the Niagara Institute offers coaching services, assessments, advisory services, and custom training programs. To learn more about the Niagara Institute, visit or email

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