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The workplace is experienced differently by everyone; regardless of your self-identified gender, age, or job title. While one person may feel the work and workplace are challenging and rewarding, another may feel it is unfair and toxic. Many organizations are implementing strategies to bridge this gap, but change can also begin at the individual level.

In Women on the Rise, you can take change into your own hands by learning the skills and tools necessary to confidently establish your presence and voice as a leader in your organization. Topics covered include self-awareness, authenticity, assertiveness and influence, aspiration and goal setting, and accountability, so that you walk away equipped to initiate change at the individual, team, and organizational level.


Ideal For

Regardless of your title, level of experience, or industry, Women on the Rise is a highly applicable program for anyone who is committed to establishing their leadership presence and strengthening their voice in the workplace.

Key Takeaways

While we know you will complete this program feeling inspired, we'll do you one better. This program will leave you immediately equipped and confidently able to:

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Leverage strengths and stay empowered, even in difficult situations

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Communicate authentically and in a way that influences others

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Eliminate barriers formed by personal beliefs, habits, and behaviors


What To Expect

Women on the Rise is built to fit into your busy, sometimes demanding, schedule with four virtual modules led by an experienced female facilitator. Between the sessions, you will complete personal reflection and application exercises, as well as receive ongoing coaching from your facilitator and peer community. All of these activities will help you put the learning into practice and begin to embed new habits into your routine.

The Details


$2,195/Per Participant

Time Investment

4 half-day sessions


This program is 100% online

Reviews From Your Peers

"The energy and dynamics were incredible, we had a trusting and comfortable environment, and everyone opened up to share their stories and learn. The facilitators were very inspiring, and I feel that they reshaped our minds. My mindset was shifted – I feel more confident, motivated, and empowered."
"[This was a] really wonderful course full of great learning tools and resources. It pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and truly grasp the concept and objective [of the program]. I am able to apply it in my job to make a difference."
"Women build up inner limiting beliefs and fears that can hold them back from being the best versions of themselves. [This program] gets to the root of this inner dialogue by empowering women to change their inner personal narrative, which, inturn, can help propel women forward.”

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Program Partner

Verity is a Canadian HR consulting firm focused on leadership development, coaching, career transition, and organizational development. After 30 years of building a network of national and global partnerships, Verity serves customers across Canada and in 30 countries worldwide. 



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