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Change (2)

People Leader Helping Employees Embrace Change

3 min read

Want Your Team To Embrace Change? Involve Them.

In your career, how many change initiatives have you experienced? Of those, how many actually succeeded? For too many people, the answer is very few.

Talking to employees who show a resistance to change

4 min read

How To Overcome Resistance To Change With Employees: 7 Practical Tips

The word change strikes fear in many people. For employees, change means the fear of the unknown, and for the ones leading the change, the fear of...

VUCA Leadership

4 min read

What Is VUCA Leadership? 6 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success

VUCA isn’t corporate jargon. It isn’t another “circle back,” “touch base,” or “paradigm shift.” It has real meaning and originates from the result of...

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