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Types of Work Culture Quiz

3 min read

The 4 Types of Work Culture (+Quiz)

What type of work culture do you have? Whether this is a question you’ve been asking yourself or been asked by others lately, you might find it...

Communication Style Quiz

1 min read

Communication Style Quiz: How Do You Communicate in the Workplace?

Between the meetings you attend and the Slack messages you send, a significant portion of every day in the workplace is spent communicating with...

Team Effectiveness Assessment

3 min read

Team Effectiveness Assessment

Regardless of whether you are leading an intact or project team, are located under one roof, or spread across the country, all team leaders want the...

Change Readiness Assessment

2 min read

Change Readiness Assessment for Leaders

How ready are you for organizational change? Do you have the skills you need to confidently lead change? Does your team have the resources, capacity,...

Personal Accountability Assessment

1 min read

Personal Accountability Assessment: How Accountable Are You?

Personal accountability is a highly desirable soft skill in today's workplace. It means answering for your actions, decisions, and commitments, which...

Conflict Management Styles Explained In 4 Minutes

3 min read

Conflict Management Styles Explained in 5 Minutes

Workplace conflict is bound to happen. When individuals are passionate and committed to their accountability for results, differing opinions will...

Leadership Styles Quiz

1 min read

Leadership Styles Quiz: What's Your Approach to Leadership?

What’s your leadership style? From new managers to seasoned executives, it is not uncommon for the answer to this question to be along the lines of...

Conflict styles quiz

1 min read

Conflict Styles Quiz: What's Your Approach to Conflict?

No one likes conflict, especially at work. But disagreements between those you work with are sometimes inevitable. So, the question isn’t how you...

Trust and Respect at Work Quiz for Leaders

5 min read

Quiz: Are You Giving Employees Reasons to Trust and Respect You?

If you haven’t heard the following statistic before, prepare to be surprised. According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, it was found...

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