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One-On-One Meeting Template

4 min read

The Only One-On-One Meeting Template You Actually Need

As a leader, the last thing you want an employee to think when you send an invite for a one-on-one meeting is, “What have I done wrong.” This can...

How To Lead a Gibbs Reflective Cycle Exercise

5 min read

How To Lead a Gibbs Reflective Cycle Exercise (+Template)

When was the last time you or your team stepped back and learned from an experience or situation at work? For many who are fighting to meet tight...

Weekly Team Meeting

4 min read

How To Take Your Weekly Team Meetings to the Next Level

Weekly team meetings are a staple in the lives of many teams in the workplace. The purpose is to help ensure the team remains connected to each...

How to Use the SEEN Feedback Model (+Template)

3 min read

How to Use the SEEN Feedback Model (+Template)

How am I doing at work? Where can I improve? Employees desperately want to know where they stand with their direct supervisor, but unfortunately for...

How to Host Better Performance Reviews

4 min read

How to Host Better Performance Reviews (+Template and Questions)

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to performance reviews. What works for one team or organization may not work for another. For example,...

Employee Training Budget

4 min read

Strategies to Get Your Employee Training Budget Approved

It’s no secret investing in employee training can reap big rewards. From increased productivity and engagement to fewer errors and rework, the...

Gap Analysis Template

4 min read

The Only Gap Analysis Template You’ll Ever Need (+Instructions)

In today’s workplace, staying static is not an option. If you fail to continuously improve everything from your performance to your team’s culture,...

4 min read

10 Best Free Resources to Ace a Kickoff Meeting

Leading a new project, forming a new team, or taking over an existing one can be exciting and daunting, and the kickoff meeting is the first...

 Training Needs Assessment in the Workplace

4 min read

What Is a Training Needs Assessment? (+Template)

If you’re reading this article, you either know for certain or have a hunch that someone you know needs training. You’ve likely noticed that they’re...

GROW Coaching Model in the Workplace

4 min read

How To Use the GROW Coaching Model (+Questions and Template)

Did you know that employees whose leaders are effective coaches are 20% more likely to stay at their company, 40% more engaged with their job, and...

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