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How To Prepare For a 1 on 1 Meeting

5 min read

How To Prepare For a 1 on 1 Meeting (+Agenda Template)

No one should go into a 1 on 1 meeting unprepared. If you do, it can send a message to the person you’re meeting with that you don’t fully respect...

Resources That Will Help You Learn to Lead

4 min read

Learn To Lead: 14 Best Free Leadership Resources

What do the best leaders do? They never stop learning. The fundamental shifts in the last couple of years in where we work, how we work, and...

Writing Employee Coaching Plan

3 min read

A Brief Guide to Writing an Employee Coaching Plan (+Template)

It’s one thing to recognize that one of your employees needs coaching from you in a specific area; it’s another to know how to go about it. Even if...

GROW Coaching Model in the Workplace

4 min read

How To Use the GROW Coaching Model (+Questions and Template)

Did you know that employees whose leaders are effective coaches are 20% more likely to stay at their company, 40% more engaged with their job, and...

How to Create a Winning Team Charter (+ Template)

4 min read

How to Create a Winning Team Charter (+ Template)

Having a great team is essential for achieving outstanding results. While individual talent and expertise play a crucial role, harnessing the...

Start-Stop-Continue Exercise

3 min read

The Start-Stop-Continue Exercise: How To Conduct One (+Template)

If you’re looking for an exercise to run with your team to help improve their performance and increase collaboration, there’s no shortage of options...

One-On-One Meeting Template

4 min read

The Only One-On-One Meeting Template You Actually Need

As a leader, the last thing you want an employee to think when you send an invite for a one-on-one meeting is, “what have I done wrong.” This can...

Person Using Free Printable PDF SMART Goals Template in the Workplace

3 min read

The Only SMART Goals Template You’ll Ever Need

Setting goals in the workplace is never as straightforward as we think it will be or would like it to be. This is especially true for those in the...

4 min read

10 Best Free Resources to Ace a Kickoff Meeting

Leading a new project, forming a new team, or taking over an existing one can be exciting and daunting, and the kickoff meeting is the first...

Time Management Strategies: 5 Time Management Tools to Take Back Your Time

4 min read

Time Management Strategies: 5 Tools to Take Back Your Time

How many times have you wished there were more hours in the day to get everything done? Unfortunately, if you feel this way at work, you’re not...

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