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Coaching Process

Matching and Selection Process

Using a proven selection process the Niagara Institute matches each client with the most appropriate Coach. The initial scoping interview helps us to identify the needs of the individual or team, to understand the current and potential responsibilities, and to provide a basis on which to assign a Coach and a recommended course of action.

The Niagara Institute has resources located across North America to support leaders during coaching engagements.

Sample Coaching Engagement

(all elements are flexible and can be customized)

Phase I
Planning and Preparation
Interview and Discussion 
Phase II
Feedback, Synthesis and Analysis
Development Plan
Phase III
Transition and Closure
Meeting & Transition to
Long-Term Development

Management of Delivery

Coaching Support Roles

To ensure that we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to all of your coaching requests, the Niagara Institute has a number of key staff and associates who have management and support responsibilities for our coaching line of business. These include:

  • Senior Manager, Program Delivery - quality assurance in coaching delivery as well as the validity, and quality of leadership assessments used
  • Account Executive—responsible for client management and your key point of contact.
  • Business Development Representative—responsible for proposal development and invoicing requirements.
  • Account Manager—responsible for administrative assignments and client support.
  • Learning Coordinator—responsible for coaching logistics and administrative support.


Our Model For Coaching Individuals and Teams


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