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Leadership Coaching

At the Niagara Institute, we view coaching as both a highly impactful and practical approach to developing individual agility and capacity for contributing to organizational success. Typically, our clients call on us to prepare individuals for new and/or expanded organizational responsibilities.

Types of Coaching


Individual Coaching

  • Onboarding
  • Leadership Transitions
  • Accelerated Learning and Development
  • Emerging and High Potential Leaders
  • Performance Development
  • Post-Program Application.

Individual coaching focuses on helping the Leader identify, understand and leverage core strengths and establish a plan to address developmental gaps.


Team Coaching

  • Team Launching
  • Intact Team Development
  • Group Learning and Development

Feedback and insights are constructed to benefit both the individual participant and their team. In most cases, the team will be brought together at specific intervals to embed new behaviours and to ensure that deliverables are being achieved. Deliverables often relate to the efficiency and effectiveness of overall team function.

The context for the development plan is always both the individual’s and the organization’s needs and stated values, with an emphasis on contribution to organizational success and sustained development.

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