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Public programs are delivered throughout the year and are available for individual or team registration. Leaders come to the Niagara Institute to develop the competencies essential to strong leadership. Programs are designed to challenge participants to increase their versatility and capacity as leaders, preparing them to expand their scope of responsibility and increase their success.

Comprehensive Leadership Programs are designed to provide leaders with a comprehensive learning experience across leadership skills identified as critical to effective leadership at an organizational level.

Specialized Skill Development Programs focus on developing a specific leadership skill that will complement what you learn in the comprehensive leadership programs.

Comprehensive Programs

Executive Leadership Program

Tackle the unique challenges and opportunities that exist at the top tier of your organization. Intensive personal feedback, instruction, and peer discussion, will transform your leadership style, improve your collaboration with your executive team, and boost your capacity to make significant and lasting contributions.

The Leadership Development Program (LDP)®

Strengthen your ability to lead from the mid to senior levels of an organization by developing leadership competencies identified as essential to success – systemic thought and action (seeing the big picture and patterns within it; and dealing with trade-offs) and resiliency (managing stress, uncertainty, and setbacks). In addition, the LDP will help you refine the leadership fundamentals of communication, self-awareness, influence, and learning agility.

The Leadership Development Program (LDP)® is a registered trademark owned by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®).

Building Leadership Essentials

Expand your leadership capabilities by understanding how to build your versatility as a leader. In this highly interactive program, you will be both supported and challenged as you work together with Niagara Institute Facilitators, Coaches and other participants gaining new insights and learning skills that are essential to first-level leaders.

> Building Leadership Essentials is also available in French.

Specialized Skill Development Programs

Taking the Stage®

For women leaders – take the leadership stage and speak with confidence, assertiveness, and influential leadership presence. This intensive two-day program will show you how to move beyond traditional female behaviours and seek recognition for yourself and your views. Develop a confident mindset that encourages you to speak up and have your voice heard. Learn how to organize your thoughts with a clear message, persuasive structure, and strong, confident language. 

Leadership Presence™

Gain a strong, confident presence—that elusive quality that creates instant credibility and trust. Learn how to hold the room with a leadership presence that involves strong gestures, a powerful stance, an expressive voice, and a grounded style. You will develop your own personal style and authentic charisma. You will discover how to perform your leadership role with a compelling presence that engages others.

Communication for the Senior Leader®

Strengthen your ability to inspire and influence others every time you speak. Learn how to navigate the complex political environments that are today's organizations and explore how to build effective networks and identify and further relationships that are important to your success.

Speaking as a Leader®

Learn the fundamentals of communicating as a leader. You will learn how to speak as a confident, compelling leader in a broad range of situations—speeches, presentations, meetings, off-the-cuff remarks, elevator conversations, and Q&As.

Communication for the Senior Leader®, Speaking as a Leader®, and Taking the Stage® are registered trademarks owned by The Humphrey Group Inc.


Distance Learning

Leading Through Virtual Communication

Develop excellent virtual communication skills. Communicate influentially through video-conference, telephone and email. Essential skills for today's business interactions and professional relationships. 

One-day Workshops through The Conference Board of Canada's Professional Development Institute

Presenting as a Leader®

Build the fundamental skills required to deliver persuasive and compelling presentations. Learn an effective way of planning, creating, preparing and delivering presentations that will help you meet your presentation objectives. Apply what you learn during practice workshops during the day.

Leveraging Tension for Leadership Success

Leaders are often in a tug-of-war, facing countless conflicting demands such as planning vs. action, competition vs. collaboration, change vs. stability, and work vs. home. Wrestling these competing values and tackling chronic issues can move a team from surviving to thriving. This workshop will introduce you to a powerful set of tools and principles called Polarity Thinking™ and show you how to understand and succeed in mastering complex problems by tapping into the power of healthy tension.

Train the Brain for Leadership Success

Challenge the traditional style of managing and leading others and how you and your team make important business decisions. Learn the latest findings from neuroscience and use this important knowledge to improve collaboration, break existing restrictive paradigms and think in greater breadth and depth. You will learn how to use neuroscience principles to increase employee engagement and innovation. 

Public Programs by Level

Comprehensive Leadership Programs Specialized Skill Development Programs
C-Suite, Vice-President, Deputy Minister, Assistant Deputy Minister


Senior Director, Director, Senior Manager
Manager, Team Leader, Supervisor
Individual Contributor, Project Manager

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