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Manage Stress and Overcome Challenges


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Program Overview

Resilience is an essential skill of successful people and organizations. Resilience enables individuals to come out the right side of a challenge or crisis, to bounce back from disappointment or failure stronger and more determined than ever to win.

For individuals, teams, and organizations to become more resilient, it starts with an understanding of what resilience is and how to use different strategies and tools to come back from a crisis. This knowledge is key to setting up individuals to succeed under conditions that would otherwise crush others.

In this highly interactive and engaging resilience training program, participants take a deep dive into understanding resilience that comes to life through the use of a powerful metaphor that helps them prepare for, work through, and learn from adversity. In addition, the program leverages the latest research in positive psychology, so leaders are equipped with the tools and techniques to sustain a positive culture, which is essential to resilience.

The content was created by senior military officials who drew from their experience of best practices from military leadership, operations and training, and special operation selection processes to help participants leverage hard-earned lessons of resilience.

Team Program

Available for intact teams. Inquire here.


Who Should Attend

The program is designed for those currently leading a team, whether a business owner, a project manager, or a functional, regional, or divisional leader.

What to Expect

Our Resilience Training program is an interactive and engaging online resilience course that uses scenarios and real-world examples to bring the learning to life. Participants have lots of opportunities to put their new knowledge into practice as the program is half instructor-led and half exercises and hands-on learning.

Key Takeaways

While we know participants will complete this program feeling inspired, we'll do you one better. This program will leave them immediately equipped and confidently able to:

  • Understand the concept of resilience and how to leverage it

  • Apply elements of resilience (attention, thoughts, action, and motivation) to make an impact

  • Apply adaptive coping strategies and recognize maladaptive coping strategies

  • Understand what motivates people to choose various coping strategies

Pathfinder Leadership Associates

Program Partner

Since 2014, Pathfinder Leadership Associates has been delivering transformative experiences for corporate and academic clients, including Air Canada, Irving, BDC, Maple Leaf Foods, and General Dynamics Land Systems, to name a few.

Their unique offering of programs draws from military leadership training and special operations selection processes. Their team comprises leaders from Canadian, British, and U.S. militaries and intelligence services as well as former and current business leaders and executive coaches.


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