Staff Meetings Resources

Lead the Kind of Meetings You’ve Always Wanted to Attend

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Leadership abilities come to bear in different situations in the workplace but are front and center for employees when a leader runs a staff meeting. It may not be a fair assessment of your leadership capabilities, but in these times when they’re on full display to everyone, like it or not, employees assess you based on how well the meeting is run.

Given that a staff meeting can encompass either the entire organization, a department, or just your direct reports, you will likely frequently find yourself in this situation, as leading meetings is a large part of any leader’s role. 

As such, you may feel compelled to run the best staff meetings you possibly can. In this case, you’re in the right place. The resources found below are designed to get you one step closer to making your staff meetings, big or small, the kind of meeting you always wanted to attend as an employee, valuable, productive, and worth your time.