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Professional Development

Job Shadowing in the Workplace

3 min read

How To Set Up Job Shadowing for an Employee

As a leader, your job is to help your employees succeed in the position they are in today and prepare them for the roles they will take on in the...

Professional Creating an Individual Development Plan

2 min read

How To Create an Individual Development Plan (+Template)

Whether you’ve been tasked with creating an individual development plan by your boss or have taken it upon yourself to create one as part of your...

The FAQs of Executive Coaching

3 min read

The FAQs of Executive Coaching

When it comes to professional development, there are many options. But few are as genuinely personalized as executive coaching. When done well,...

Professional Creating Leadership Development Plan Using Template

3 min read

How to Create a Leadership Development Plan (+Template)

The beloved Brazilian soccer icon, Pelé, once said, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most...

What Are The Most Important Leadership Competencies Today?

5 min read

What Are The Most Important Leadership Competencies In 2023?

Between the pandemic, inflation, broken supply chains, political turmoil, digital transformation, and financial instability, employees and leaders...

Leader Using Training Plan Template

2 min read

How to Write a Training Plan for Your Team (+Template)

It has always been the job of those in leadership to invest in, develop, and upskill their team. But in 2022, research has shown that doing so is the...

People Management Skills

4 min read

What Are People Management Skills? 6 Skills Every Leader Needs

By definition, a people manager is someone who oversees people in the workplace. It doesn’t matter if you have one direct report or many, either way,...

Comparing Leadership Essentials Programs

4 min read

Comparing Leadership Essentials Programs + Training Provider Checklist

First-line managers are the backbone of an organization, as these leaders are the direct manager of upwards of 80% of the workforce. With these...

What Your First-Line Manager Training May Be Missing

3 min read

What Your First-Line Manager Training May Be Missing

It’s undeniable the importance and impact first-line managers have. For good or bad, these managers significantly influence employee motivation,...

Management Development Training Topics

4 min read

The FAQs About Management Development Training, Answered.

Once in a blue moon, does someone get promoted to management who is naturally gifted with the abilities, skills, and techniques needed to be a good...

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