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Communication Skills Courses: 20+ Questions to Ask Before You Buy

Communication Skills Courses: 20+ Questions to Ask Before You Buy

There is no shortage of communication courses available to those whose goal is to improve their communication skills. In a Google search that takes less than half a second, you could have over 542 million results at your fingertips.

Having so many options might sound like a good thing at first, but it can easily begin to feel as though you’re trying to find a needle in a haystack. Or, in this case, as though you’re trying to find the “best,” quote-unquote, communication skills course in a sea of courses that sound indistinguishable from one another.

Here’s the thing - there is no singular, universal “best” communication skills course. There is only the best communication skills course for you

The course that works best for a colleague, friend, or boss might not work for you. It’s why so many different options exist in the first place. With so many options, everyone has a chance of finding a course that appeals to their learning style, offers content that matches their goals, and fits within their budget.

In order to help you narrow down your options and ultimately find the best communication skills course for you (or the group/team you’re buying for), below you will find a list of questions to ask yourself, as well as potential providers. Let’s begin.


Ask the right questions and get the answers you need with the Training Provider  Checklist. >> 


How To Find the Best Communication Skills Course: 20+ Questions to Ask

If you want to have the confidence that the communication skills course that you’re enrolling in is the best possible choice for you, it starts with asking the right questions - both to yourself and any potential providers.


Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What are my goals? Are they realistic?
  • What do I expect to get out of taking a communication skills course?
  • How do you expect to benefit (professionally and/or personally) from this course?
  • Does the course agenda align with my goals?
  • What specific topics does the course focus on? How do you learn best? What is my ideal learning style? Is it by watching, reading, doing, etc.?
  • Is the course self-paced or instructor-led? Which format would I prefer?
  • Does the course align with my preferred learning style?
  • How much time can I afford to spend on a course? Will my schedule allow me to give the course my full attention, or will I be interrupted? If so, is there a better time when I should look at taking the course instead?
  • What is my budget? Who will be paying for this course? If my company is, what do I need to do to get approved? (Pro tip: Use this training request letter template!)
  • Are there reviews/testimonials from past participants for this specific course? Is the overall sentiment positive? Who are those reviews/testimonials from? Have people in similar positions, departments, companies, or industries to you attended?
  • What is the overall reputation of the course and the training provider?
  • How does this course compare in terms of content, pricing, and delivery with other options? Is there any about it that is particularly unique or noteworthy?


Questions to Ask Communication Course Providers

  • Is the course more focused on theory or practical application?
  • Can you provide me with an agenda or document that breaks down the course topics?
  • Who is the course ideally suited for? Would someone in my position benefit from it?
  • Who else will be attending the course? Are they in similar positions as myself?
  • Who is the course facilitated/instructed by? What qualifications and experience do they have teaching this course? How have past participants responded to them? Do you have any testimonials you can provide me?
  • Will there be discussion and/or interaction between me, the facilitator, and other participants?
  • Are there any additional costs for materials, resources, or certifications that I need to take into account?
  • Are any additional resources, such as downloadable materials, templates, or tools, included in the cost of the course?
  • Is there any form of ongoing support after completing the course, such as forums, meetups, or Q&A sessions?
  • Will I have access to the course content after the course concludes?
  • In case anything unexpected happens (personally and/or professionally), what is the cancellation policy?


Next Steps: Narrow Down Your Options With the Training Provider Checklist

The best courses to improve communication skills are the ones that align with your goals, appeal to your ideal learning style, and suit your budget/timeline. However, to know if that is the case before you sign on the dotted line and buy a course, you have to ask the types of questions listed above. As you do that, track and compare the answers you receive all in one place by using this helpful Training Provider Comparison Checklist. Doing so will bring you one step closer to choosing the communication training course that’s truly best suited to you.

Compare Your Options With the Training Provider Checklist

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