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Infographic: 8 Signs Your Boss Wants You To Stay

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The signs you get from your boss on a day-to-day basis might not always paint the clearest picture. Are they giving you that raise because it is that time of year or because they want to show you how valuable you are? Are they having you lead that project out of necessity or because they want to keep you challenged and engaged? While it can be hard to discern whether or not your boss wants you to stay in your position at the organization, there are a number of signs that can positively indicate they do in fact want you to. 

8 Signs Your Boss Wants You to Stay Niagara Institute Infographic


what are the signs your boss wants you to stay? 

  1. They offer you personalized perks

  2. They offer you challenging assignments or expanded responsibilities

  3. They give you autonomy

  4. They share your accomplishments

  5. They make time for one-on-one meetings

  6. They are open about the potential trajectory of your career

  7. They discuss your career goals and support you in achieving them

  8. They honestly discuss your performance


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They Offer You Personalized Perks

A boss that truly wants you to stay at the company or in your role, will offer you perks that appeal to your personality and goals, such as pay raises, vacation time, a one to one professional coach, or unique development opportunities such as industry conferences. Also, bosses that want you to stay won’t wait to offer these perks until you’re halfway out the door. They will proactively offer such things in order to keep you engaged and motivated, as well as to show their appreciation.

They Offer You Challenging Assignments or Expanded Responsibilities

Bosses that want to keep you on the team will find ways to keep you motivated and challenged. By tasking you with larger assignments or passing off a few responsibilities of their own, your boss may be showing you their confidence in your abilities.


They Give You Autonomy

When your boss encourages your autonomy at work it means they trust you. They do not feel the need to micromanage the project or task assigned to you because they believe regardless of how you get the job done, you will get it done as you agreed to do. While this is a great sign they want you to stay, in some cases it can feel like too much, in which case it’s time to set up a quick check-in and ensure you are on the right track.


They Share Your Accomplishments or Contributions with Their Leaders

A boss that wants you to stay will not try to pass your accomplishments or contributions off as their own. They will openly and proudly share what you have done for the team, department, or organization with their leaders and peers so everyone knows how valuable you are.


They Make Time For One-on-One Meetings

A day in the life of the everyday leader often consists of back-to-back meetings and fire fighting, all while trying to get their own work done. If your boss is intentional about booking time among all of that for one-on-one meetings with you, it is a sign they want to stay connected with you. Therefore, you can make this time mutually beneficial by communicating status updates on projects, requesting their help to remove a roadblock, seeking input on a decision, or offering your assistance.


They Are Open About the Potential Trajectory of Your Career in the Organization

Bosses that want you to stay will be open about your potential career trajectory at the organization so it is not some elusive thing that may or may not happen. You will know what a potential career path looks like within the department you are in or what is required to transition to another if you so choose. While this may mean losing you as an employee on their team, your boss will understand that keeping you within the organization is far more important.

They Discuss Your Career Goals and Support You In Achieving Them

A boss that wants you to stay at the organization and remain highly engaged will discuss your personal and professional goals with you and invest in you by finding ways to support them. For example, if a career goal of yours is to become a people leader but there are no positions are open, a boss that wants you to stay may find opportunities for you to be mentored by a leader and invest in leadership development training for you.

They Honestly Discuss Your Performance (and Not Just At Your Annual Review)

A boss who wants you to stay will not make you guess where you stand with them or wait for an annual performance review; you will know at any given time where your performance stands. These conversations may become more frequent and honest if your boss wants you to stay, which is not always a bad thing. It can indicate they want you to succeed and are willing to help you do so with regular constructive feedback.


All of these signs have a few things in common; bosses who want employees to stay will communicate openly and often, show employees they trust them, and support them whenever possible. Done well, they have the power to motivate, engage, and solidify your future at the organization, and if you're still not sure take the time to schedule a meeting with your boss to talk about your future.

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