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Infographic: 16 Unwritten Rules of Getting Ahead at Work

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Unwritten rules are norms and behaviors at work that may not be explicitly or formally communicated but impact an individual's ability to succeed, get ahead, or secure a promotion. While there are unique unwritten rules specific to a given department, company, or industry, a number also applies to all professionals. 

So, if you’re someone who is keen to get ahead at work in the coming months or years, then it’s well worth reviewing the unwritten rules listed below, as well as considering what others may be at play that are specific to your department, company, or industry.


16 Unwritten rules of getting ahead at work

In a report compiled by Catalyst, a global non-profit with a mission to make workplaces more inclusive, 65 individuals from various industries, locations, and roles were asked what unwritten rules affected an individual's likelihood of getting ahead, securing a promotion, climbing the corporate ladder, and generally succeeding in the workplace.

While the findings may be over a decade old, the 16 unwritten rules Catalyst identified through their research are undoubtedly still playing a role in career advancement today to some extent. Check out the infographic below to learn what they are or you can download the extended guide!

16 Unwritten Rules of Getting Ahead at Work Infographic

16 Rules to Getting Ahead at Work