Leadership Through the Submarine Way Lens of Inclusion

A Comprehensive Leadership Program Focused on Leading High-Performing, Inclusive Teams


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Teams are interdependent on the strengths, talents, and contributions of each member. But each member has personal biases which can derail collaboration and problem solving, thus putting the team mission in jeopardy. Therefore, it is up to the leader to be able to navigate around individual biases and bring to light the unique strengths and talents of every individual on the team. Doing so is a critical step to creating an inclusive team culture that supports the team in achieving its mission.  This program is surfaced from the secret world of submarines where every person is an everyday leader, operating the most sophisticated vessel ever created in the most dangerous and stressful environment in the universe. This program is so unique it is built on a system that has a published U.S. patent on it. Dive in!

Leadership Through the Lens of Inclusion is a comprehensive, four-session leadership program that equips everyday people leaders with the tools and confidence they need to build and lead inclusive and high-performing teams. Each session in the program presents an opportunity to reflect on the core elements of effective leadership, personal and team accountability, and your brand as a leader. By the end, you will feel ready to lead the teams in your charge by uniting them around each member's strengths, holding them accountable to the team mission, and upholding a culture where every team member feels included and valued.

This is not your average leadership program. It was developed based on the lessons learned of a Command Master Chief in the U.S. Navy leading his diverse crew through stressful, uncertain, and volatile situations. The program is built on a patent-published system designed to drive deeper inclusion, more effective leadership, and measurable productivity. All this comes together for a learning experience that is highly interactive, practical, applicable, and relevant.

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$3,995/per participant


Four 3-hour live sessions, plus pre-work and post-training self-guided learning


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Who Should Attend

Whether you are preparing to move into a leadership role, have been promoted recently into leadership, or have been a people leader for many years, Leadership Through the Lens of Inclusion is for leaders who want tangible tools they can use to be more effective leaders that create a high-performing team culture where everyone feels like they belong.


What's Included in Each Session

Leadership Through the Lens of Inclusion is a comprehensive leadership program consisting of four sessions.

Session 1: Leveraging Team Strengths
This session lays the groundwork to shift towards a talent-focused team culture as well as introducing the power of an interdependent, collaborative approach to teaming and mission. You'll leave with a new lens to see yourself and others. 

Session 2: Principles of Effective Leadership
Learn what it takes to be an effective leader. This session will guide you through the power of seeing yourself as a leader, regardless of your title, and how to apply the principles of effective leadership to drive deeper commitment, innovation, and produce meaningful results in your work.

Session 3: Personal and Team Accountability
Many organizations list poor communication as a major issue. However, this is a symptom of the core issue of inconsistent personal and peer accountability. This session will provide a guide to establishing personal accountability and specific guidance on how to professionally hold your team and peers accountable.

Session 4: Your Leadership Brand
This session finalizes your leadership training journey by building on the previous three sessions. You'll apply what you've learned to create your personal leadership brand statement, a document to reinforce your key talents, characteristics, and role. A great resource to share with your team, peers, and leaders.


This isn't your ordinary learning experience. Leadership Through the Lens of Equity and Inclusion is built on a patented published model that equips leaders with the tangible skills and tools needed to take transformative actions immediately.

The program itself is highly interactive with one-third being instructor lead, one-third being individual and small group interactions, and one-third being class-wide discussion. On top of this, pre-work and post-training reinforcement are available and encouraged to further build confidence and competence.

Key Takeaways

While we know you will complete this program feeling inspired, we'll do you one better. This program will leave you immediately equipped and confidently able to:

Niagara Institute Checkmark Icon Blue Filled In Build a team culture that is focused on individuals talents to achieve results

Niagara Institute Checkmark Icon Blue Filled In Apply an interdependent, collaborative approach to teaming and problem-solving

Niagara Institute Checkmark Icon Blue Filled In Develop a trusting environment that drives higher accountability to the team mission

Niagara Institute Checkmark Icon Blue Filled In Embrace your strongest talents to intentionally present your "best leader"

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Reviews From Your Peers

"Simply the best training, the most practical, relevant, and effective training I have ever been part of."
"It was both insightful and revealing. It brought two seemingly disparate and unrelated environments together: the close confines of a submarine juxtaposed against the similarly close quarters of the business boardroom."
"It makes it clear that we should be creating an atmosphere of inclusion and treating our biggest investment, human capital, with respect. The contrasts between the Navy and organizations show a clear gap in the way inclusion should be done."

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Founded in 2008, the Submarine Way has created a methodology, system, and process for training leaders on equity and inclusion unique enough to have a published patent issued. They also offer consulting, speaking, and coaching to drive better workplaces, communities, police departments, and colleges. To date, they have more than 100 partners, 100,000 past participants, and two published books.