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How to Write a Training Plan for Your Team (+Template)

How to Write a Training Plan for Your Team (+Template)

It has always been the job of those in leadership to invest in, develop, and upskill their team. But in 2022, research has shown that doing so is the key to attracting new talent and retaining the great talent you already have, which is important given the ongoing struggles leaders are facing when it comes to hiring and turnover.

For example, Gallup recently found that almost two-thirds of workers said upskilling was a very important or extremely important factor when deciding to take a new job. Meanwhile, 61% of existing workers said upskilling was critical in deciding whether or not to remain in their current job.

To meet the expectations of your employees in terms of their development, as well as optimize the performance of your team, it can be immensely helpful to create a training plan. In the following article, we’ll review what a training plan is and what to include in one, as well as provide you with a training plan template so you can start writing yours right away. 


What Is a Training Plan in the Workplace?

A training plan is a living document that outlines who on your team needs training, what type of training they need, the benefit of it, when they need it by, and the resources that are required to do so (ex., budget or technology). It should be revised regularly as the needs of the individuals and the team evolve.


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What Should Be Included in a Training Plan?

If your training plan is to become a reality, you’re more than likely going to need to get approval from your boss or your HR department and secure the funds for it. For you to do that successfully, you need to prepare a persuasive argument and the necessary details. Therefore, as you write your team’s training plan, be sure it includes answers to the following questions: 

  • Who needs training?
  • What skill or topic does the employee need training for?
  • How will it benefit the individual and the team?
  • What provider can provide this type of training?
  • How much will the training cost?
  • Is there a date they need this training by?
  • How high of a priority is it compared to other training needs?


How Do You Get Started? Use a Training Plan Template

One of the best ways to get started is to use a training plan template that provides you with some much-needed structure. Initially, focus on collecting all the information you need to fill out the template, even if it looks messy. Then once you have everything you need, you can tidy it up and revise it as necessary, so it’s ready to be shared with those you need to share it with, such as your boss or HR department. 

Training Plan Template


Examples of Training Topics to Include in Your Plan

Every employee on your team will have unique training and development needs, which means that your plan will likely cover a whole range of topics. Here are some of the most common examples of skills and topics that show up on a training plan: 


Next Steps: Execute Your Training Plan With the Help of Niagara Institute

Once you have written your team’s training plan and secured the necessary funding and approval, you will need a provider, like Niagara Institute, who can help you put those plans into action. Whether it’s training for a group, training for an individual, or even one-on-one coaching, we’re here to help you select the option that’s exactly right for you and your team.

Compare Your Options With the Training Provider Checklist

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